Heritage Randumbs

  Fun quick takes for a fun weekend.


uLAr Takes will return next week with a full length column, but since this weekend is very special, I thought I'd at least fire off a couple Randumbs your way, in order to keep the mood light.  Take em' for what they are worth, whether it's with a grain of salt, or a pound of Canadian bacon, Randumbs are on the way.  Let's get started !


  • There have been a few players & fans actually complaining about this weekend's Heritage Game, saying that 2 points are at stake, and the outdoor game should have been an Exhibition game.  Right, like anyone would be talking about an Outdoor Exhibition Game in 10-15 years !  Players & fans need to realize that they will become part of history on Saturday.  And why are these two points so crucial ?  Why were these same people quiet when the NHL staged 2 Regular Season games on a frozen swimming pool in Japan a few years back ?  The answer is simple:  Montreal fans !


  • It's no secret, Edmonton is one cold place in November, and players will have to brave against the cold.  Apparently, the player benches will be heated, so the goalies are the ones who will suffer most... well, almost.  Edmonton goaltender Ty Conklin has an edge there, having grown up in Anchorage, Alaska !


  • The Toronto Maple Leafs have 9 1st Round Draft picks on their current Roster - the same amount as the Ottawa Senators. Unfortunately for the Leafs, 3 of those players are Tom Fitzgerald, Aki-Petteri Berg and Wade Belak !  Players passed on by the Leafs in those Entry Drafts include Anaheim's Petr Sykora, Calgary's Jarome Iginla, Vancouver's Mattias Ohlund, New Jersey Devils' Patrik Elias and Montreal's Jose Theodore to name a few...  If that's not proof that Scouting is important, I don't know what is !


  • And while we're picking on Toronto, the Leafs could really use something to take the attention away from their lackluster play and lack of scoring.  Is Shayne Corson officially retired ?


  • Older opponents coming into Edmonton will be glad to hear that painkillers will be made available cheap, now that the Skyreach has been re-named to the ReXall Centre.


  • Don't look now, but Minnesota's Alexandre Daigle seems to have found his scoring touch, finally.  After 20 games played this Season, Daigle has 7 goals, putting him on pace for a 30 goal season, which would be a career best.


  • Finally, why was there even a fuss over whether Mark Messier should be allowed to play for the Oilers in the Mega Stars game.  Would New York fans have reacted the same if it was Gretzky ?  Note to Rangers fans:  Messier just passed Gordie Howe to become second on the All-Time Points list.  That alone should be a passport to ANY Legends game.  End of story !


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