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The Cup Comes Home?  - Vancouver vs Boston...Adam has his predictions, says goodbye to Derek Boogaard, and has the latest on the Thrashers' move to Winnipeg...

Lightning Strikes Again - Boston-Tampa Bay, Vancouver-San Jose - Adam has his picks for the final four...

Eight Lessons Learned? - For whatever they're worth, Round 2 predictions.

Par-i-ty Of Sixteen - Adam's first round as well as Conference and Cup predictions...


Hockey - It Ain't For The Faint Of Heart  - The head shots/dangerous plays issue came to a head more than ever recently.  Check out Adam's take on the Max Pacioretty injury that resulted from a borderline Zdeno Chara hit, and, as promised since Christmas, Adam chimes in about another debate that's been brewing over special moves, dekes, spin-a-ramas, etc in shootouts and on penalty shots...get ready, because Adam is on the rant path...and not because the Oilers are in last place...

Lost Legend - Pat Burns meant different things to different people - find out how Adam will always remember the three time Jack Adams Award recipient and Stanley Cup Champion.

The Summer Of My Discontent - So how did you spend your summer vacation?  Well, Adam spent his not thinking about Hockey - hard to believe?!  Find out why...


Blackhawk Down? - 2010 Stanley Cup Final Preview - For the first time ever, Adam has no idea what to expect in the Stanley Cup Final.  Find out why...

History Will Be Made, Or Has It Already Been?! - 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview - Round 3 - On to Round 3 - Are the Habs for real?  Adam has predictions for who he thinks will clash for the Stanley Cup in 2010.

Why We Play The Games - 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview - Round 2 - So much for conventional wisdom - Adam's fearless predictions for Round 2

Russian Roulette - 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview - Round 1 - Playoffs?  Already?  Adam has his take on who he expects to make it through.


Trade Deadline or Let's Make A Deal?! - Adam gives an informal take on the past trade deadline and wonders if it's worth the effort.

Vancouver 2010?  Bah!  Humbug! - As much as Adam loves to watch International hockey tournaments, he doesn't think the NHL should continue attending the Olympics at the expense of a mediocre NHL season.  Read all about why Adam is just simply "not feeling it" when it comes to hockey this year...

One Crazy Summer - How do you celebrate 100 articles...and counting?  With a new season of hockey!!!  The summer that was, as only Adam could tell it...

Golden Handshake - Two players on the Red Wings were upset at Sidney Crosby over missing the opportunity to shake their captain's hand after Game 7 of the finals.  Adam has two words for these two players - who cares?!
25 Years Later - The Rematch - It's been 25 years since we had a Stanley Cup Final rematch.  This year Detroit will face Pittsburgh for the 2nd straight year, and Adam believes history will repeat itself like it did in 1984.  Find out why.
What Happens Next? - Just four teams left, who has what it takes to face off for the Cup?
The Circus Comes To Town - Down to the crazy eight, bring on Round 2!
Christmas, Easter or April Madness? - It's playoff time again!  Check out Adam's take of the round of sixteen.

How Did I Do? - How did Adam do with his pre-season predictions?  Find out as Adam returns from almost a three month hiatus.

All I Want For 2009 - Just a few wishes for the new year from the Puckin' Around peanut gallery.

The Youth Movement Returns - The new NHL season is here, and Adam has his takes who he feels are the contenders, the pretenders, and, um, well, you know...also check out a short version of "Along The Boards" as well as Puckin' Around's newest (reincarnated) feature "Who Is This Guy?"


From Russia With Love? (And Money!) - Adam is noticing a wannabe league over in Russia is trying to win fans, and evidently have more money than brains, but can they compete head on with the NHL?


Two Is Too Many - It's Detroit vs Pittsburgh in what has become the most anticipated Stanley Cup Final of the past decade.  Find out who Adam thinks will win and witness the return of the infamous Along The Boards section.

Instant (Hockey) Karma - Still recuperating from Game 6 of the Dallas-San Jose series, Adam is back with his take on the conference finals.  Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh - who has what it takes to win it all?  Find out...

Return Of The Rivalry - Back from Florida, Adam is pumped and primed for Round 2!  Check out the predictions.

Dreams Can Come True - Adam may be vacationing in Miami, but that doesn't mean that the Puckin' Around articles stop coming.  Don't miss the latest installment!

All-Stars, Rants & Rumors - in HD!!! - We're in the stretch run, and Adam explains why this is his first article since Christmas (originally posted March 22, 2008)!!
Awards You'll Never See - As we hit the quarter mark of the NHL Season, as everyone has their predictions on the 2008 NHL Award winners, Adam has invented a few awards of his own...
Review of NHL 08 - Adam's yearly review of the finest EA Sports has to offer - or so they seem to think...
Welcome (Back) To The National Goon League! - The NHL is back for another fun filled season of goonery.  Adam starts off the season talking about something it seems everybody has touched on lately, and gives his take on a handful of players he'd banish from the sport altogether.

Summer Breeze - As Adam continues to make his way through the summer, he checks in just days before his 34th birthday, during what is referred to by many as the Dog Days of summer - and we promise you, this is not just another hockey withdrawal sequel.

Curses! - As the Cup makes its way to the Pacific West Coast for the first time, Adam has an interesting wrap on the season that was.
A Tale Of Two Cities - It's Anaheim vs Ottawa for the Stanley Cup - and Adam has both his take on the series, not to mention a greater appreciation for a city on the edge of its seat - find out why.
Last Pint Of Glory? - Preview of the Conference Finals as only Adam can tell it, as well as a story first covered in the Blog - "Mind Your Own Beeswax".
"Them's Fighting Words!" - All of Adam's second round analysis.
Give Nothing, Take Everything  - All of Adam's first round predictions which were posted before the start of the playoffs, along with a special feature "If I Was In Charge"...don't miss it!

Rent The Cup? - The dust has settled on another NHL Trade Deadline and Adam has full analysis of what was arguably one of the most intriguing and shocking D-Days in years and the events leading up to it.

Why I Didn't Miss The All-Star Game - Three years have passed since the last NHL All Star extravaganza, and Adam goes on record to explain why he, for one, didn't miss the big show and why he could live without it.

Mid Season Review  - It's the the much maligned and ballyhooed "take no prisoners" Report Cards!  Who's making the grade so far?  All teams, including the NHL is here, and even more as Puckin' Around celebrates its 75th article.

Robbed By The Ref - It only took a month of the new season for Adam to start ranting about the officiating again.

One-Liners - Forget long drawn out hockey season previews!  Adam gives his fearless thoughts on the new season with one line per team.  You may be a little surprised by what he thinks may happen this year.

Review Of NHL 07 - EA Sports has released their yearly hockey offering on all platforms, and Adam as usual has his take no prisoners review.


Wake Me When September Ends (Or How To Thwart Hockey Withdrawal Part 3) - The new season is upon us, and Adam yet again has his almost annual look at how to get through the toughest month of the year if you're a hockey fan - September!

Off Season From Hell - The second off season of the new NHL era is upon us, and the movement is fast and furious - again.  Adam has some of the more notable moves and rumors along with a look at the recent NHL draft.


Seventh Heaven? - A great season has finally come to an end - and Adam feels terrible.  Why do you suppose that is for one of the world's greatest hockey fans?

Storm Front - Carolina or Edmonton will hoist the Stanley Cup - and we have you covered.

The Four Aces - And then there were 4.  Anaheim, Buffalo, Carolina or Edmonton - who has what it takes to win it all?  We're about to find out.

Go Big Or Go Home - After a stellar first round, Adam breaks down the crazy eight of the 2006 Stanley Cup proceedings.

War On Ice - The Playoffs are finally here at long last, and Adam is back with his fearless predictions for round one.


The Most Wonderful Time (Of The Year)? - Forget Christmas - the Playoffs are coming - the most wonderful time of the Adam thinks anyway!

Look At All These Rumors... - As the trading deadline approaches yet again, Adam sets the record straight on a few rumors and gives an overview of who's expected to go where.

Give Me A(n Olympic) Break! - Adam's take on the upcoming Olympic break.

Making The Grade - We're already halfway through the regular season, and the unofficial Puckin' Around report cards are in!  Adam takes no prisoners with his usual tongue-in-cheek and tell-it-like-it-is analysis of all 30 NHL teams.

Waiver Woes - As the quarter mark of the season has come and gone, teams are assessing their weaknesses.  Adam explains why a trade or placing a player on waivers may not be the answer.

Back To Reality - The first week and a half of the regular season is already over, and Adam already has started ranting and raving about anything and everything.

Review Of NHL 06 - Adam reviews the hottest hockey video game of the year, EA Sports NHL 06.


Think About The Future - Adam is back to review the 2005 NHL Entry Draft and breaks down some of the most significant free agent moves of the past summer.  Let's drop the puck on a new season already! 

Welcome Back - The NHL LOCKOUT is OVER!   A new collective bargaining agreement has been ratified and Adam breaks down the fine points of the agreement as well as many rule changes expected for the new NHL season.


Strange Spring - Yes it was indeed a strange spring without the Stanley Cup playoffs, but this meant the Memorial Cup was in the spotlight more than ever before!

On The Road - Adam went on the road to Binghamton, New York to get his hockey fix, and shares his experiences here, among other things.

Game Over - The plug has been pulled on the season that never began, and here's Adam's rant.

No Season?  No Problem! - There may not be an NHL season, but if a group of Alberta hockey fans have their way, there will still be a Stanley Cup Champion crowned in 2005.

The Crosby Show - is coming to an arena near you.  Adam gets us up to date and personal with significant nothings as the lockout drags on.

I Live For This? - The Boston Red Sox will face the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series...wait a minute!  Isn't this supposed to be a hockey column?  Adam goes on a rant about his second favorite sport, and why not?

My Lockout Pledge - Between now and the time the NHL and NHLPA resolve their differences, here are just a few things you won't hear Adam talk about going forward.

Now What? - The World Cup is over - Canada wins.  So what?  Now there's no hockey to watch.  What's up with that?


If You Build It...They Will Come - A World Cup preview unlike any other.  Be sure and check out Puckin' Around's World Cup 2004 page.  Link is to the left.


NHL Gone Nuts - With all the uncertainty surrounding next season in the NHL, why are all the NHL team owners and general managers being so irresponsible with their money?


Conspiracy Theory? - Was it a goal or not?  Adam gives his take on Darryl Sutter's astonishing comments during the Stanley Cup Finals and wonders if they may be true.

Expect The Unexpected - It's Calgary-Tampa Bay in the most unexpected of final series.

Four's A Crowd? - Four teams, one Stanley Cup.  Adam will tell you who's moving on to the finals.

Moving Right Along - Adam is back for Round 2 of the playoffs with more fearless forecasts!

Sixteen Contenders - The playoffs are here, and Adam has your preview for Round 1!

Battle Lines Crossed - The Battle of Ontario is heating up again, and we don't even know the playoff match ups yet!
A Rivalry Gone Too Far - Adam chimes in with his take on the Todd Bertuzzi incident.
Enough Already! - Did Don Cherry go too far with his visor tirade?  Also check out "Rules Change", Adam's take on proposed rule changes for next season.
Open The Floodgates - The Jaromir Jagr trade should help jumpstart the yearly trading frenzy.  Adam discusses this and rants about the upcoming All-Star game, among other things.
The Reports Are In! - Happy New Year!  It's 2004, and Adam gives the lowdown on who's hot and who's not heading into the second half of the NHL season.
A Game For The Ages - The Heritage Classic exceeded everybody's expectations.  Read a true fan's perspective on the experience.
Hockey Returns To Its Roots - The Hockey world is abuzz about Nov 22nd's Heritage Classic in Edmonton.
First Intermission - We're barely a month into the season and already a rant of Puckin' Around proportions!
Game On! - Puckin' Around collaborates with uLAr's Takes to bring you this ultimate preview of the new season.
Dark Clouds - Puckin' Around takes a serious look at the dark cloud which hangs over the NHL's head this season a.k.a. the collective bargaining agreement.


How I Spent My Summer (Or How To Thwart Hockey Withdrawal Part 2) - Puckin' Around revisits an old topic with a new twist.
Remembering The Trade - What Really Happened? - We look back on the trade which changed the face of hockey forever.
Stanley Cup Shenanigans - Puckin' Around turns 30 and to commemorate the event we help you put those dog days of summer on ice!
Stop The Madness! - Has anybody else noticed the summer is already half over?
Goodbye To A Legend - Roger Neilson revolutioned the game of hockey as we know it today.  He will be greatly missed.


Last One Standing - End Of Season Report Cards - My take on the season that was.  Can't believe it's already over!
The Cream Of The Crop - Two for the price of one - Stanley Cup final preview as well as "The Game Behind The Game".
Party Of Four - Round 3 Predictions
The Elite Do Battle - Round 2 Predictions

Here We Go Again - 2003 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview - Round 1 Predictions

Take A Dip - For all you poolies!


A Look In The Mirror - There are times when letting the boos rain down on the ice are appropriate.  This is not one of those times.
March Madness - D-Day - Who will end up being the league's smartest G.M.?
Intermission - The Fans Sound Off! - Time to answer to you, the fans.
Short Shifts - Time to check in on our favorite game.
Dazed And Confused - Do the officials get it?  Really?
What's Going On? - Interim NHL Report Cards - Ratings and predictions for all 30 teams
Open Letter To An NHL Commissioner - Just exactly what is our commissioner trying to prove anyway?
Just Wondering... - You've got questions?  So do I!
2002/03 NHL Season Timeline - If even one of these predictions comes true it will be an interesting season.


Preseason Vibes (Or How To Thwart Hockey Withdrawal) - Summer is almost over, fall is in the air, there's no hockey on TV yet, what do you do?
Off Season Buzz... - There's no hockey being played, but there's lots going on!
Things that make you go HMMMM...Free Agent Frenzy 2002


...And Then There Was One...
Playoff Preview - Stanley Cup Final
Playoff Preview Round Three - The Final Four
Playoff Preview Round Two - The Crazy Eight
Playoff Preview Part 2 - Eastern Conference Round One
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Something's Amiss - What's going on out there on the ice?
Time To Rant - I really REALLY have to wonder about some people...
Inaugural Column - Wheelin' And Dealin' - Trade Deadline - You gotta start somewhere, right?