Here are some helpful spots on the internet to help you find all the hockey and sports info you need, along with some of our personal favourites.


Holik On Hockey - Bobby Holik played 18 seasons in the NHL, 11 with the New Jersey Devils where he won 2 Stanley Cups.  Often considered one of the world's most successful (not to mention intimidating) Czech born players, these days he is a regular guest on Hockey Night In Canada Radio, and now runs his own website with podcasts and a blog.  Check out one of the most refreshing views of the game today.

Two Minutes For Blogging  - uLAr stumbled upon this when looking for footage of the Ray Emery-Martin Biron fight.  Updated almost daily, and has some nice links to hockey related YouTube videos and some good commentary too.

Illegal - stumbled on this site via Twitter, and glad I did.  Don't miss their NHL morning papers roundups, where you can read up on all teams with one convenient click of the mouse! - the National Hockey Player's Association - the National Hockey League Fans' Association - Want your voice heard? - Look no further than here - the Voice of NHL Hockey Fans

Internet Hockey Database - the Bible of hockey stats

Canadian Hockey - Catch news on the Canadian International hockey scene.  If it involves Team Canada, you'll find it here.

AHL Calder Cup - American Hockey League and Calder Cup site



TSN - Canada's Sports Leader

Sportsnet - Fuelled By Fans

Team 1200 - Ottawa's #1 sports talk radio station

The Fan 590 - Toronto's #1 sports talk radio station

CHED 630 - Edmonton's news, sports and talk radio station - proud home of Edmonton Oilers hockey

Hockey Night In Canada - a Canadian fixture for over 50 years.



Sports Byline USA - The Original home of Puckin' Around (Thanks Ron)

The Hockey Board - Your opinion - on ice!  One of the best Hockey Forums you'll find anywhere on the Internet.



Fried Chicken's Hockey Fight Site - Just as the name suggests, an archive of hockey fights.  Not for the faint of heart, but a riot nonetheless!

Winnipeg Jets Memorial Page - It's been more than a decade since the original Jets went south to Phoenix, and it seems more like an eternity.  Here is a great memorial page put together by a former season ticket holder in tribute to what was one of the most exciting teams to watch in its day, recent events notwithstanding.  If you're looking for any fans of the new Winnipeg Jets team that relocated from Atlanta, you won't find one here.

Devils Rule - New Jersey Devils fan site and forum.



The Best Page In The Universe  - uLAr's favourite site - EVER - viewer discretion advised - if you disagree with anything on this page, you are wrong (webmaster's exact words).

Howard Stern - The King of ALL media is now on Sirius Satellite Radio at Howard 100 and Howard 101 - a move 25 years in the making.  With Howard no longer having to worry about the FCC, anything and everything goes, and believe me when I tell you the show has never been better.  Even though it's typically broadcast in the early morning, I can't think of a better way to unwind after a long day than sit back and listen to Howard, Robin, Artie, Fred and company dissect everything from the news to the latest movies and music.  If you don't get Sirius you can usually find the show online somewhere.  This is the official show website which is updated daily.  Viewer and listener discretion advised.

Joe Cartoon - Viewer discretion advised - if you don't have a sick sense of humor, don't click on this link and don't say I didn't warn you!  Home of the classic shockwave videos "Frog in a Blender" and "Gerbil in the Microwave".

Ernie's House Of Whoopass - Viewer discretion advised. - More viewer discretion advised.

Stupid Evil Bastard - You guessed it - discretion advised.  This guy is pretty cool though and brings up some very intriguing truths about the society we live in today.  Stumbled across this when the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas "hot coffee" mod story broke into the news.

News Of The Weird - As the title suggests, this is the good stuff, the news about really stupid people and the stupid things they do.

Customers Suck - Unless you're retired or live under a rock, you have to deal with them on a day to day basis, whether you like it or not, but here is a forum to vent.  Discretion advised, and PLEASE don't get caught at work with this website on your screen and don't say we didn't warn you!  A GREAT read if you've had a bad day, kind of helps to know you're not alone!