Often imitated, never duplicated, this is the story of the phenomenon which exists today on this very website. 

From army brat, to burger jockey, to technical support wizard, and today a cable & wireless customer service specialist, with just enough time to write a column on the game most everybody in Canada loves, the story of how we arrived at the point we are today is an interesting one to say the least.

Adam James Hill is not only a long time fan of music, an avid computer gamer and user, but a passionate fan, obsessed with the sport which we showcase here.  In a very short time, he has become the epitome of all things “puck”. 

It wasn’t always easy for Adam to get his hockey fix.  For many years he worked in the food service industry, which kept him away from home on many a night closing restaurants.  It was more of the same when he moved on to be a technical support specialist, many times missing even the late games while on the phone helping computer novices fix their computers.  If there’s a silver lining in the technical support position, it’s that one night one of these computer novices ended up to be none other than Sports Byline USA’s Ron Barr, a legendary sportscaster who can be heard weeknights interviewing everybody and anybody associated with sports.  His syndicated show can be heard across the USA and around the world, thanks to the Internet and the Sirius Satellite network.  It was an experience for Adam which not only led to a small column at www.sportsbyline.com, but has also helped form a friendship with one of the most respected names in the business. 

Many of you will know Ron Barr from his days working with EA Sports, a relationship he still maintains to this day – “Hey, there’s that dude from the video games!”  This digitized photo was seen many a night on Adam’s old Sega Genesis (and today on a Sega Genesis emulator – my how times change):

Ron was so impressed with Adam’s passion and knowledge for the game of hockey, he asked him forthright if he’d like to write something about the game whenever he felt the need.  Adam initially wanted to call the piece “Puck Tales From The Great White North”, but for simplicity’s sake the column was aptly named “Puckin’ Around”.   

The rest, as they say, is history.  Adam and Ron maintain their friendship via E-mail to this day, and the column continues to grow and flourish, one article at a time.  Now with the help of columnist & co-webmaster Stephan Souliere, better known to all on the internet as uLAr, what was once a small column and a small personal webpage, has now earned its own domain.   

Welcome, to PUCKINAROUND.net.  The webmasters wish you happy reading.  Stay as long as you want, and visit often, as we never stop talking about our favorite game & passion, the Coolest Game on Earth – Hockey !