March 18, 2005


Puckin' Around exclusive pictures of the March 18, 2005 AHL game between Binghamton and Hershey from the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton, New York.  The game was a sellout with 4,710 fans in attendance.  Stay tuned for a new Puckin' Around article "On The Road" coming soon...

Please excuse the I mean mesh!


Let's get ready to rumble!!!
Game On!
I said, let's get ready to rummbbbbble!!!!!!

Grant Potulny of Binghamton and Jeff Finger of Hershey try out for "The Contender"

Tempers are really starting to flare - and we're only in the first period!!!
Another fight - and we're still only in the first period!
Same fight - check out the fans reaction!
Still the same fight - believe me when I tell you this was a good one!  Jamie Rivers, inset left, stands on the sidelines crying to the ref, even though he started the whole thing.  (Chris Neil would get him later on though with a well placed check in the corner boards - Atta boy Chris!!!)  Actually fighting is Brian McGratton of Binghamton and former Senator Dennis Bonvie of Hershey
Alright boys, that's enough for now!  The fans were ALL on their feet after this, and unfortunately, from here on in the refs intervened with some questionable calls, but we won't go there!  At least they got the game under control.
Not to be confused with Spartacat, this is Max, Binghamton's team mascot!  I have no idea what that thing behind the announcer is though!
Billy Thompson settles in to actually play, giving new meaning to the infamous Rodney Dangerfield quote "I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out".
Game tied 2-2 after regulation and five minutes of overtime, so that means bring on the shootout!  (NHL take note!)  I had to snap these pics fast because the fans were on their feet throughout the whole thing!
Marek Svatos would score here.  I have no clue why Ray Emery wasn't playing in this game.  Oh the fans were not happy after this!
Hershey tries to deke but Thompson wakes up!
See what I mean by having to shoot fast ask questions later?  Upon further review these shootout pictures turned out better than I expected.
Finally, I get a good one of the home team - and he shot it wide!!
Jeff Ulmer misses here, but eventually Brett Clark would score the winning goal as the 9th shooter for Hershey, right around the time they posted the Syracuse-Vermont NCAA Basketball score.  The fans in attendance are equally upset over the basketball score (Syracuse lost - in Double Overtime no less).

Even though the Sens had last shot, they couldn't capitalize but they gained a point, and at least they rebounded and beat Philadelphia the next night!  Well done boys and thanks for providing me with my hockey fix!


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